The Program

The real estate industry is all about relationships and that is exactly what our Fare Share program provides. The program is designed to reward real estate agents with both referral fees and more listings while providing superior service to their client.

We specialize in leasing and managing residential rental properties, and local agents regularly partner with us to build relationships within their local communities.

The Offer

Referral Fees -- Real estate agents receive a referral fee per property when a homeowner signs a tenant placement or management agreement with TRISTAR.

Future Sales are Protected -- When a property is referred, the real estate agent's information is linked to the property to ensure it is referred back when the home is again for sale.

More Listings -- Since TRISTAR doesn't buy or sell properties, it needs strong partners to send listings to when our clients decide to purchase or sell.

Increased Credibility -- TRISTAR helps to build real estate agents' credibility and reputation as they align themselves with a credible industry partner.

Get Noticed -- As a partner of TRISTAR we ensure that all of our affiliates benefit from leads generated through our site. Your business cards are posted on our site and in monthly newsletters so tenants, property owners and investors can connect with you directly when it's time to buy or sell.

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