The City of Toronto

TorontoAt the heart of the Province of Ontario is the City of Toronto. Toronto is the provincial capital and is in many ways the economic engine for the entire country. It is the financial centre of Canada, the 3rd largest financial centre in North America, employing 205,000 in the financial sector.Toronto is headquarters for 6 of Canada's top insurers that manage over 90 per cent of the industry's assets and home to Canada's 5 largest banks, 50 foreign bank subsidiaries and branches, and 112 securities firms. It is the nation's largest employment centre, with one sixth of Canada's jobs, and strong employment in both manufacturing and service industries. The City of Toronto website has an abundance of resource material on all aspects of the city (Click here to go to the official City of Toronto website).

"Who is my neighbour?"

TorontoToronto is located in the most diverse region of Canada. Changes in the immigration policy in recent decades have attracted a great number of people from all over the world and the greatest concentration of these recent waves of immigration has been in Ontario and in particular in the city of Toronto. To put this in perspective, according to Statistics Canada, by year 2017 or sooner, the ethnic minority will become the majority in the Greater Toronto Area (Learn more about Toronto).

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